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The Yacht Re-Launch

13. March 2018 by Hervé Villemin No Comment

November 5th was the deadline.

All essential jobs needed to be completed by this date.High Season is now upon us, and the tides are high enough to get Mahayana back in the water where she belongs…….AND WE DID IT! We’re back in the water.

It’s been a frantic 2 months.
At times, we have questioned whether we have taken on too much for such a short amount of time.
But from the moment the new paintwork was revealed to the moment Mahayana splashed back into the water, it was evident that all the hard work has been well worth it.

Not only are we proud of the work and accomplishments this season, but we go into the new high season with greater confidence that our guests continue to get the best boats available.

For many of our guests, these trips are once in a lifetime. Many of you have to work tirelessly to, not only afford in monetary terms but, in time away from work, to enjoy these trips.
So it is only right that we meet the expectations you have of us and for your sailing holiday.

We’ve always believed we offer a unique and total experience with the sailing expeditions we provide. We strive to be better every time. We encourage constructive criticism over the dinner table with our guests (as long as there’s a cold beer or glass of wine in hand!). We want to know how and if, we can improve our trips.

So for us, low season, the time to gather ourselves, implement new ideas, explore new routes, take the boats out of the water and conduct the necessary maintenance and refurbishments, all add to our growth and experience of our business.

We go forth with a rejuvenated spirit. A greater passion to just get out there and show our customers how beautiful the Andaman Sea can be, and for ourselves, a feeling of peace. Being on the water, sleeping under the stars brings such peace, calm and tranquility.

It’s not uncommon to be told that we have the best job in the world by our guests.
With a season of achievements behind us, and a season of new explorations and new friends to be made, we wholeheartedly agree. And we want to share it!

We invite you to view us on our website, our facebook page, our Instagram and our YouTube channel, and we’ll let you decide if this is where you would rather be! 😉

We look forward to seeing all our new and returning customers in the forthcoming season.
Bon Voyage!

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