As mentioned in our previous post, we’re in October in the boat yard conducting our annual maintenance and repairs, and now we’re about half way through the project.
As is normal this time of year we’re in a constant battle with the elements! October is typically the wettest month for Thailand’s ‘wet season’ and this year has disappointed, boy has it been chucking it down on days! BUT……where there’s a will, there’s a way. And to put a positive spin on it, the rain is very welcome at times. At least we all get to cool off from the sheer heat!
So anyway, onto our update….
Work has begun to prepare the hulls for the repaint. Our team has been working tirelessly to get all the prep work done and out the way so we have a solid foundation for the re-spray, and I must say, even after a little sand down, she’s looking better already!
We’ve also erected a tent around SY Mahayana to protect the other boats from spray and prevent green paint getting everywhere… It’s also proven to be quite the shelter from the rain and heat, so we’re all winners really.

A Thai worker preparing the top coat of SY Mahayana before repainting

Preparation takes time

In about a weeks time, we should be ready to begin the SY Mahayana, but that will have to wait until the next post!

As you can see from the photos, both engines have been completely dissembled and are currently going through a chemical bath clean and respray (paint).

The Diesel engines are hanging from the ceiling in pieces after a Chemical Bath

Engine parts drying off after their Chemical Bath

New parts (bearings/ seals/gaskets etc.) are all on order and will arrive shortly. Once they do, reassembled they shall be, and tested to ensure all is in working order.
Varnishing – well….this job just keeps getting bigger and bigger! Look too closely at Mahayana at the moment, and you will always find more jobs to add to the list!

On board at the moment, we have 2 carpenters stripping away rotten or damaged parts of wood in the exterior sectors. Then we have 2 crew sanding down large sections of the interior woodwork and preparing it for several new coats of varnish to bring out the lovely maple color and keep it protected from the inevitable knocks and scratches.

SY Mahayana's crew are working in the cockpit area, stripping all the varnish off the wood paneling

Hard at work!

The woodwork within SY Mahayana's saloon has been stripped of all varnish

The stunning dinning table being prepared for a new coat

We’ve also been completing several other jobs such as repairs and replacements to our thru-hulls, new trampolines on order, a new sail bag on order, a new helm chair, deck repairs to the areas being affected by electrolysis, dagger board & rudder repairs, welding, watermaker replacement, re-wiring of electrical components, and the list goes on…

All in all, at the moment we are still on time to make our relaunch SY Mahayana come the first week of November. All the team has been working exceptionally hard to achieve this deadline.

Watch this space and see what the finished product looks like in just a few weeks away!