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Stand up Paddle-Boards


Take advantage and have a go on one of our paddle-boards and understand for yourself why this is the fastest growing water sport in recent years.

Paddle-boards are an offshoot of your typical surfboards, but luckily, a lot less strenuous to use.

We have the perfect beginner boards for you. With their wide berth, they are very, very easy to use and a fantastic way to leisurely explore the coral reefs, caves and islets that you will see on your trip with us. It is like snorkeling while staying dry.

Choose to stand up or sit down, if desired, these paddle-boards can take up to 3 people at a time and prove to be a fabulous way to see the reefs/fish and sometimes turtles in a manner that doesn’t disturb their natural habitat.

We also have the boards in the water and tied to the back boat when we stop at our stunning anchorages, thus allowing the perfect floating platform for the kids to jump around and play while in complete safety and under the watchful eye of the crew (allowing Mum & Dad to relax and enjoy the peaceful scenery with a drink in hand!)

Paddle-boards are a lot of fun and suitable for all age and mobility ranges, but do have the cameras at the ready to picture the inevitable first-time slip from your family and friends, as these make some very cool photos!

We highly recommend renting a SUP for your trip. For a small rental fee, these bring a whole new dynamic to your cruise of a lifetime……. that, we can promise!