Snorkelling in Phuket – Explore the Underwater realm

Colourful coral reefs, reef fish, pelagic fish, invertebrates, crustaceans – snorkelling in Phuket has it all

WWhile snorkelling in Phuket (and the many other destinations we have to offer) enjoy having your very own aquarium right on your doorstep. An aquarium that changes daily. With the free snorkeling gear we provide on all our charter catamarans, you can take time to explore the most unexplored part of our planet… the ocean. Who knows, maybe you’ll be the first to see something new!

Sailing Phuket - Phuket-water-activities- Snorkeling with a Sea Turtle
Sailing Phuket - Phuket-water-activities- Snorkeling with a Giant Manta Ray

Whether you’re a keen swimmer or not, there’s no denying our fascination with the world below. Snorkel for long distances or stay within the confines of the yacht. But once your head goes below, you’ll be in awe of all the marine life there is to see. 

Snorkelling in Phuket couldn’t be easier or more special. With an ever-changing location, a location that (for the most part) you’ll have completely to yourself; take time to go find Nemo, or Dory. Our crew are always happy to jump in with you and help point out all the small fish, invertebrates or crustaceans you might have missed. Then jump back onboard and take a look through the library of books to put a name to that “stunningly beautiful purple thingy”.

Is Snorkelling in Phuket really that good?

YES! We are very lucky in the Andaman Sea to have some spectacular, world renowned snorkeling and dive spots. With your own private Phuket yacht charter, you’ll feel like the next Jacques Cousteau or David Attenborough as you explore one location to the next. Before breakfast is served, at that perfect time of day as the sun rises, jump in for a quick dip, slide on a snorkel mask and watch all the fish comes to life. There’s no better way to start the day – it’s refreshing, invigorating, and, precious.

Snorkeling is also a great form of exercise. Swimming for extended periods of time, controlling your breath as you breathe through a snorkel. It’s a fantastic form of cardio, and usually, you don’t even notice you are doing a workout. While snorkelling, your mind and body will become invigorated. You’ll see things you’ve never seen before and it’s a great way to bring the family together – by sharing such a fun, easy for everyone experience.

Snorkelling in Phuket is also a great way to introduce children to swimming. With crystal clear waters and having something to watch while they swim; something that looks like it’s been taken straight from a cartoon drawing, takes away any fear they may have of the water. So, don’t worry, we’ll provide all the snorkelling equipment necessary, and any support you may need in the water. For those who want to add a little extra, take a look at adding some Scuba Diving to your Phuket Yacht Charter.