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Diving and Sailing Phuket - Andaman Sea

Sailing & Diving - A Perfect Combination

Enjoy the total freedom of sailing and scuba diving aboard SY Nakamal!

Thailand - Superb Diving - CuttlefishWhat could be better to round up your sailing vacation than scuba diving? Exploring the beautiful underwater world of the Andaman Sea is a fascinating experience and there is no better place to do it than from your private catamaran sailing yacht. Scuba Diving has become very popular in recent years, with the unfortunate effect that many dive sites are very crowded these days. Not so, if you charter your private sailing yacht where you are not tied to any schedule at all! We dive at all the great dive sites but we do so either before any other dive boat arrives, often because we have been spending the night right at the dive site or arrive at the dive sites when the other boats have already left. Being just a few people on board, the only other divers you see are your buddies and we believe that this is the only way to enjoy scuba diving thoroughly.

You might have dived of a big dive boat before with 30-40 divers in the water when suddenly a Manta Ray passed by and before you could enjoy the sight of this majestic creature all the divers went chasing after it, scaring it away into the blue. What a disappointment! This will definitely not happen when you dive from our charter catamaran Nakamal or any of our other sailing yachts we offer for private charter.

We promise you the best diving experience possible!

Thailand has many great dive sites either going north to the Similan and Surin Islands which are world renowned for their clear water and abundance of fish, or down south to Phi Phi Island, Koh Haa and Hin Deng, Hin Muang where we often see Whalesharks and Manta Rays and even further to the stunningly beautiful and mostly uninhabited Butang Archipelago.

Since the Andaman Islands, belonging to India, have opened up a few years ago, SY Nakamal and her crew have ventured to further horizons, discovering the huge Andaman Archipelago during many sail and dive charters. Also, this is our absolute favorite destination; we know all the best spots in the area. OK, maybe you think you have seen it all; but give the Andaman Islands a try, and be surprised that it can get even better…..!

With us you definitely have reached the right address for your sail and dive adventure in Thailand and the Andaman Sea! Dieter, the captain of SY Nakamal, has been sailing and diving in these waters for over 30 years and he has a great knowledge of the area. Dieter opened the very first PADI diving school on Phuket back in 1979! His love for diving has kept him doing so ever since. With thousands of dives under his weight belt he has many a story to tell. Up until today, Dieter guides everybody himself and he has an absolutely clean record, there has never been a single accident involving any of his students or fun divers, so you can be sure that you will be safe and we will take very good care for you and your loved ones, above and under water!

If you are not a scuba diver yet, here is your chance to change this for good! Learn how to dive aboard the sailing yacht and become a certified PADI Open Water Diver during your sailing vacation! Take the advantage of getting the most personal scuba diving course you can get on this planet! Click this link for more information about our PADI diving courses on board the charter yacht SY Nakamal. We recommend that you do at least the dive theory part online, so you won’t have to study during your vacation.

The PADI E-Learning system – Easy to access and easy to understand, get certified today!