Sailing With Kids?

Rest assured that sailing with kids is both safe, and fun!

If you’re thinking about a Phuket Yacht charter and sailing with kids – then look no further. Kids of all ages are welcome onboard our catamarans.

“Can kids be on the boat” and “how old do children have to be, to be on a boat” are some one of our most commonly asked questions. The answer is yes, they can. Kids of all ages are welcome. Be it newborns, toddlers, or any other age.

The crew aboard all our charter catamarans are great with children. With strict adherence to safety, as well as fun, we provide a safe environment for you and your children.

As with most parents, it takes a little getting used to. However, once you get past day one, you’ll feel completely at ease. We pride ourselves on providing a fun environment for all our guests onboard.
While sailing between locations, kids can help the Captain steer the boat. The older and more able kids can even help hoist the sails (if they want). By the end of the trip, they’ll earn their first Captain stripes 😊

Sailing with Kids

This little VIP is giving his OK for the Captain to proceed on course!

Parents can sit back assured that their children are both entertained and safe – allowing you that little bit of peace and quiet to enjoy your holiday as well. Whether your children are keen on fishing, kayaking, paddleboarding or exploring each destination to the fullest. Sailing with kids will create memories of a lifetime. Memories that can be taken back home to share with friends and family.

Most of our yachts also have a small selection of games aboard as this is a great way for a family to spend some time together after a meal before bed, or even during a short rainy spell. We also suggest bringing a small selection of games from home if you have space in your luggage. The crew are always happy to play something new……as long as we get to win at least once!

We also find that experiencing your sailing holiday through the eyes of our younger guests makes for a much more enjoyable cruise. Their excitement becomes overly infectious for both you, and us!

Sailing with kids and safety on deck?

All our yachts are fitted with lifelines that run along the edge of the yacht. Some even have solid stainless steel railings for a little extra stability. Regardless, our crew will always keep a watchful eye. We also provide child sized life jackets onboard when we’re sailing with kids. 

Once we’re on location, we have life rings, kayaks, SUP Paddleboards, dinghies all in the water that provide the perfect safety area for swimming around the boat.

What about sailing with babies?

We have had some infants onboard in the past. And in truth, they’ve been great. The gentle sway of a yacht is really comforting for babies and young infants. They sleep so well. The only real question is if you’re happy to have your newborn onboard. All babies are different. Some cry. Some do not. Just remember that being on a yacht, there is a limit to space. If your baby tends to be quite vocal, then there’s no escaping.

So, fear not, Children and sailing DO go together. See the photo gallery below – the pictures speak for themselves.