The Amazing Andaman Islands

The Andaman Islands – One of the last unspoiled Paradise Sailing Destinations on Planet Earth

The Andaman Islands are one of the last few remaining paradise destinations on planet Earth, where visitors experience Mother Natures’ pristine treasures in total solitude. This most exclusive, remote and spectacular destination is without parallel. We have spent weeks in the Andaman Islands, without ever seeing another boat or tourist. This is a truly unique charter location for adventurous people, who desire to escape from the modern world for a magical holiday.

Imagine sailing through unexplored waters, past hundreds of uninhabited islands, covered in thick rain forest, fringed by deserted white beaches and crystal clear blue water, every day of your cruise anchoring at a differently spectacular island. That is the stuff of dreams for most people. But if you, like us, believe that life is for living, think seriously about becoming one of our many satisfied customers. No other yacht charter business can match our price, itinerary, quality of living on board and genuine friendliness. You will experience the holiday of a life time when you join any of our Andaman Island yacht charter holidays, because we provide a uniquely safe, customized and friendly holiday to each and every one of our customers.

Stunning Beaches

There are many islands with magnificently pristine white beaches, some several kilometers long with not a single footprint on them.

Instead of tourists and deck chairs on the beach, you will see wildlife, like monkeys, deer, birds, to name just a few. Most people never have the opportunity to see this paradise, as only the main island has an airport, near Port Blair, and only a handful of nearby islands can be reached from there by ferry or small boat; the most famous of these is Havelock Island. But despite its easy accessibility, the gorgeous beaches are still pristine and the famous swimming elephants continue to beguile our customers.

Solitude & Total Freedom

If you enjoy nature and solitude away from bustling tourist areas, discovering new places, diving and snorkeling alone at places teeming with fish, being the first to put a footprint on beaches littered with seashells while taking a stroll on a world class beach without a single person in sight, then this is the place for you! You probably have realized by now, that we are enthralled with the Andaman Islands. Our mission in life is to make as many people experience the sheer delight of visiting that pristine location and having the “time of their life’s” sharing the joy of being in paradise. We invite you to come soon

World Heritage Site

Declared a World Heritage Site in 2002, the Andaman Archipelago is an unbelievably, beautiful paradise destination.

The world’s best diving and snorkeling

With a choice of over 300 islands to visit, you can find some of the world’s best diving and snorkeling, without the crowds of other world class dive destinations. Few dive spots have been discovered by visiting charter yachts, leaving most locations as yet unvisited by anyone. The most exciting diving awaits those who venture into this wonderland of adventure, impressing even the most seasoned divers.

The abundance of fish is astronomical and so is the size they grow to; that’s because the Andaman Islands only opened up to foreigners in the late 1990’s. In 2001 there were only 3 flights a week from mainland India.

There has never been any commercial fishing and there is still none today. The only fishing is done by locals with hand lines and some sport fishing boats who mainly practice catch and release. Because of these factors, the fish stocks have not been depleted and fish can grow to their full size in abundant quantities; the variety and quantity being truly amazing. There are all the usual tropical reef fish, but also many pelagic’s; huge tunas, king mackerels, wahoo’s, and different species of sharks.

The Andaman Islands are also a heaven for Mantas. They are found in great numbers throughout the islands during certain seasons. During the many dives we have made in the Andaman Islands, we have found many so called Manta Cleaning Stations, where Mantas stop to get cleaned, whilst obligingly posing for a lucky client’s camera. Whale sharks, dolphins and even whales can be spotted in these waters. There are many varied dive spots to be found. Some with tropical coral reefs and a white sandy bottom, others on the volcanic islands, with black sandy sea beds and colourful soft corals, giving the dive spots a surreal touch. Due to the Andaman Island’s remoteness and protected status, as a World Heritage Site, there is little commercial development, resulting in superb visibility often exceeding 40 meters.

Imagine diving at the foot of Barren Island (an active volcano), where the sea drops down to a thousand meters, and watching Mantas and other large fish passing by in crystal clear water with no other divers but your buddies around.

Catamaran Nakamal is fully equipped for prolonged stays at remote areas. With two dive compressors and a professional PADI dive instructor on board we cater to every diver’s need. During the many sailing and diving cruises we have made there, we have gathered much local knowledge of the area, but are still discovering more beautiful bays and beaches, navigable mangrove rivers and breathtaking dive spots during every charter sailing.

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