Mergui Archipelago Sailing – Myanmar (Burma)

Discover the unspoiled paradise and join our Mergui Archipelago Sailing Tour. It’s like a dream come true!

Sailing north from Phuket. Along the Similan and Surin Islands of Thailand, you enter the Mergui Archipelago of Myanmar (Burma). Also known as Myeik Archipelago. The islands are made of a mix of granite and limestone formations and are commonly covered by tropical rain forest. The Archipelago lies north of Thailand, on the west coast of the Malay Peninsula. They consist of more than 800 islands of different shapes and sizes. Totalling over hundreds of square kilometres!

The local people are mostly fishermen of the Moken, a tribe of Sea Gypsies. The Moken are sea-dwelling people. They live on many islands in the Andaman Sea, like Surin and Koh Lipe and even further south. They follow their traditional way of life since centuries. Their life is based on fishing, building boats, catching crabs and collecting food. Stunning wildlife covers many of the islands you are about to visit. You can find boar, deer, monkeys and a bewildering selection of tropical birds including a rare type of hornbill.

The Pristine Mergui Archipelago Sailing Tour

Opened to foreign tourism in 1997

The area was only opened up to foreign tourism in 1997 after negotiations between Burma and dive operators from Phuket in Thailand. The archipelago’s isolation is such, that much of it has not even yet been thoroughly explored. Although a five-star casino and golf resort was opened on Thahtay Kyun Island. The islands are still pristine and very little affected by civilization as we know it. As of yet, there is next to no infrastructure or development. One of the only ways to visit these waters and some of the best dive sites in the world is by sailing with us.

Meet The Moken People

During your Mergui Archipelago Tour, you will get the unique opportunity to meet the Moken people. These guys are sea gipsies that live of the land. They live on many of the Andaman Islands such as Surin and Koh Lipe. They follow a traditional way of living that has been past down from generation to generation for centuries.

Mergui Archipelago Diving

Mergui Archipelago Diving is like diving into another world. The diving is magnificent! The dive sites have exotic names like Big Bank, Rainbow Reef, Shark Cave and Silver Top Reef… just to name a few. Huge boulders interspersed with soft corals. Sea fans and the full assortment of underwater activities from conventional reef diving, wall diving to the exploration of underwater caverns and tunnels. All are just waiting to be explored. The marine inhabitants range from sharks to manta rays. Include exotic species like frogfish, ghost pipefish, ribbon eels and a magnificent array of crustacea. All in all, the Mergui Archipelago promises a unique and unforgettable sailing vacation!

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