Koh Rok – A Paradise Island in Thailand

This Tropical Paradise Island is Special Destination for your Sailing Adventure near Phuket

Koh Rok, is a small island that lies to the south of Phuket, beyond Koh Lanta. Koh Rok is known to be the best place from Koh Lanta to go snorkeling. Koh Rok Nok (Nok means outside) and Koh Rok Nai (Nai means inside) are 2 islands. The islands are located close to the more famous island Koh Ha and offers splendid white sandy beaches, fascinating coral reefs and myriad species of tropical fish, nudibraches, eels, sea stars and many other exotic creatures. A specific type of giant clam is common here on Koh Rok.

The island itself is uninhabited but a track that runs across the island will bring you to a rocky coast on the other side. There is also a natural viewpoint at the highest point – some 150 meter high, from where you can enjoy the view for many miles across the Andaman Sea and the mainland. Don’t forget to bring your camera. Come by, live aboard our sailing yacht, and enjoy exquisite sailing, scuba diving and snorkeling without any disturbance.

The Best Snorkeling South Of Phi Phi

Clear water and shallow coral reefs make for fantastic snorkeling.

Koh Rok is known to be the best place from Koh Lanta to go snorkeling.

Koh Rok is a verdant island with tropical forest and mangroves.

No locals live on the island. There are only rangers from the national parks.

Ko Rok offer beautiful beaches with turquoise and crystal clear water, a real postcard landscape!

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