Koh Chuku & Tarutao

Koh Tarutao is the largest Island of Tarutao National Marine Park and is part of the Butang Archipelago

Koh Tarutao is one of the most unspoiled Islands belonging to the Andaman Sea. This mountainous island (with its tallest peak around 713 meters) is covered in thick rainforest which plays home to huge array of living creatures such as Langurs, crab eating macaques and wild pigs. Along the coast are numerous long white untouched sandy beaches, which remain popular turtle nesting grounds.

Due to the undeveloped nature of this Island, wildlife truly thrives here – as it should – and is a joy to experience.
Located at several spots around Koh Tarutao National Park you’ll find several beach front camp sites, with basic chalets to stay in with a small road connecting the Island.

A great way to see the extent of this Island is to rent a bicycle and follow the numerous well signed paths. Cycling around in peace, you truly get to see all the nature Tarutao has to offer. Cycle from west to east, or north to south – either way, you’ll be passing through lush jungle with only the sound of the birds chirping to distract you.

Another great draw to this Island is the “Crocodile Cave” or “Tam Chorakhe” as it is said in Thai (don’t worry, the Crocodiles have long since gone) – an extensive cave system located on the north west of Koh Tarutao. To access this gem, we take a 20 minute dinghy ride up the Mangrove estuary (which can also be done by kayak). Taking our time, this is a great chance to see some Brahminy Kites and numerous other bird species.

Once arrived at the entrance to Crocodile Cave – we then board a floating pontoon to pull ourselves in through the large 200 meter tunnel entrance. It is at this point you’ll experience the sheer size of this cave. After disembarking the pontoon, the large amphitheatre shaped cave can take 40 mins to explore. Filled with stunning stalactites and stalagmites and staggering rock formations.

If seeing an island with little to no development and surrounded in natural beauty is what you’re after, then this forgotten paradise is definitely for you.
For further reading, the National Park has the following webpage – www.thainationalparks.com/tarutao-national-marine-park

Koh Chuku

Heading west from Koh Tarutao, and towards the main congregation of Islands that make up The Butang Archipelago, we arrive at Koh Chuku – a stunning picture-perfect Island surrounded by beautiful white sand allowing you to walk around the entire Island in just 20 minutes.

Whether you’re taking in the peace sitting on the sand, watching the waves splash along the shore line, or snorkelling the surrounding corals – there’s definitely a ‘Castaway’ feel to Koh Chuku. Koh Chuku has some bizarre rock formations, one of which, the archway, has now become a very popular photo opportunity. Many of our guest take advantage of this for a wonderful family photo. Koh Chuku is also a wonderful overnight stop should the weather allow. With only local fishing boats (1 or 2 max) using this as an overnight stop, we tend to have it to ourselves. Sit back, enjoy the sunsets and watch the stars!

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