Phang Nga Bay – James Bond Island

Phang Nga Bay is a marine paradise with more than 40 islands and covers an area of 400 km2!

The Phang Nga Bay is a marine paradise which comprises over 40 islands and covers an area of more than 400 square kilometers! Phang Nga Bay has been classed as a national park for more than 30 years now. Recently, it has gained international recognition as an area of ecological significance. A sailing charter catamaran is, perhaps, the ideal way to voyage it’s quiet waters and absorb the stunning views.

Originally a limestone range of hills it was, at some pre-historical stage, flooded due to a rise in sea levels. The results are extraordinary cliff structures called karsts, caves and rock pillars in abundance. These are surrounded by mangrove swamps and rain forests. Both forests and waters support an almost uncountable variety of wildlife. Many species visit the plankton rich waters to spawn.

Phang Nga Regatta

One of the most popular venues on the sailing Thailand social calendar

Each year the bay plays host to the Phang Nga regatta, one of the most popular venues on the sailing Thailand social calendar. Charters and private yachts all congregate for the sailing and celebrations.

Explore Phang Nga Bay

The remarkable formations are weather- worn remnants of sedimentary rock called karst. High in limestone, the rocky stacks are riddled with caves, tunnels and the famous ‘hongs’, or sinkholes in the middle of islands that are connected to the ocean by dark tidal tunnels – the kayaking highlights.

Phang Nga Bay Highlights

  • Off Khao Phing Kan is the most famous landmark in the bay; a massive rock pillar, broader at the top than the bottom which has become the bay’s signature image. Local legend has it that the bay was formed when an unknown hand threw this ‘nail’ into the waters.
  • Tham Lot is an island in the interior of which is an inland lake. Small boats or kayaks can actually sail through a stalactite cave to access it.
    On Khao Kianis are rock paintings said to be more than 3,000 years old.
  • Panak island offers a beautiful water grotto and tumbling waterfall.
  • Tapu island was the location used for the movie ‘The Man with the Golden Gun’ and has now become known locally as James Bond island.
  • Panyee island, which technically is located outside the park area, is a fishing village where the locals still live in houses on stilts over the bay’s serene waters – much as they have done for hundreds of years.
  • If you wish to visit Hong island the access is a narrow passage surrounded by dominating cliffs.

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