Koh Hong – Island of Rooms

A white sandy beach framed by a limestone rock formation and an underwater world teaming with exotic life!

TKoh Hong is part of a secluded island group located about one hour north of Krabi. There is no accommodation, other than camping, available on the island. The Than Bok Khorani National Park Ranger Unit is located on the island and there ia a small shop where you can buy sweet or refreshments. Koh Hong has only one appreciable, but very beautiful beach, called Pelay Beach. The white sandy beach is framed by a limestone rock formation and the underwater world is teaming with exotic life.

The name Koh Hong (island of rooms) comes from an eroded group of caves in the center of the island, harboring a large lagoon with only a small passage to the open sea. During high tide, longtail boats and Kayaks are able to cross the passage into the lake, where you find crystal clear water only about one meter deep. A visit to this tropical paradise island is almost mandatory if you are sailing around these waters! Take the chance to explore Koh Hong individually with the kayaks available aboard the charter yacht SY Nakamal. Contact us for yacht charter inquiries here.

Koh Hong Krabi

Within the Than Bok Khorani National Park in Krabi Province

The geography of Koh Hong is incredible limestone, clear seas, beautiful white beaches, and shallow coral reefs, so it is a perfect place for snorkeling. On the island there is a 400 meters long nature trail if you fancy a walk.

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The remarkable formations are weather- worn remnants of sedimentary rock called karst. High in limestone, the rocky stacks are riddled with caves, tunnels and the famous ‘hongs’, or sinkholes in the middle of islands that are connected to the ocean by dark tidal tunnels – the kayaking highlights.

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