Sailing to Chicken Island – Krabi

Chicken Island is also known as Koh Kai, Koh Gai or Koh Hua Khwan as found on charts.

Chicken Island is situated just south of Krabi and we often stop there during our sailing cruises on the way South from Phang Nga Bay to Phi Phi Islands. This special Island got it’s name from a rock that just looks like the neck and head of a chicken. This picturesque and unique island, with it’s many white powdery beaches shaded by casuarina trees, makes a great day time or overnight stop during your sailing charter from Phuket.

What makes this island special can be seen as the tide goes down. At high tide you can see three islands; Koh Kai, Koh Mor and Koh Tup but they slowly become one island as the water retreats and a sandbar emerges, which then finally connects all three islands by a white sandy beach. This makes it possible to walk from one island to the other. The whole island group is just stunning with a panoramic view of Phang Nga Bay and the mountains and coastline of Krabi province.

Chicken Island Krabi

Belonging to the Poda group of islands located about eight kilometres from Ao Nang in the province of Krabi.

These islands are perfect to explore by kayak. There is good snorkeling to be found and the more adventuress might wanna try rock climbing which is offered on the island at safe spots where in case of a fall you will land in the sea and get refreshed at the same time.

Walk the sandbar of Koh Tap

Another peculiarity of Koh Kai is that it is linked to Koh Tap and Koh Mor by a sandbar, which is only visible at low tide, offering visitors the opportunity to walk from one island to the other, surrounded by crystal clear waters. This land bridge forms into one of Koh Kai’s two beaches, with the other situated next to the chicken-shaped rock.

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