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SY Mozart


S/Y Mozart is a comfortable, fast sailing catamaran for up to 25 guests. Cabins are well-ventilated with opening hatches and electric fans. Or you can sleep under the stars: The 30 sqm of netting is probably the largest bed you’ve ever slept in!

SY Nyami


S/Y Nyami is a 55' sailing catamaran that was designed in Australia in 2001 with space and comfort foremost in mind. Nyami’s expansive living areas and cabins make her the perfect floating home for the tropics. She can sleep up to 8 guests and 3 crew, and has 3 bathrooms onboard.

S/Y Shindig


Shindig is a 47′ Mumby cruising catamaran built in 2019 - with excellent performance on all points of sail. She features 4 double cabins (3 for guests, and 1 for crew), 2 Bathrooms, and a large, comfortable foredeck. The interior has been kept minimalistic and clean, and all cabins come with electric fans and overhead hatches.

Phuket Sailing Day Charters


Why choose Sailing Phuket for your day charter? Looking for that perfect day out for you, your family, or your group of friends – well look no further. Sailing Phuket Day Charters has you covered. Explore the surrounding Islands of Phuket, onboard your very own Private Yacht. Sit up front as we set sail. Get a sun tan, or sit in the shade. Read a book or turn the music up loud. Enjoy a nice cold drink and eat plenty. Whether you want calm and relaxed, or space to liven it up – the day is yours to do with as you will.

Phi Phi Islands


The Famous Phi Phi Islands 24 Miles / 4-5 hours sailing east of Phuket Once chosen by the magazine ” Islands” to be the second most beautiful island in the world, close behind Bora Bora Island in French Polynesia. You probably have heard or read about this island group already, and yes it is true; The Phi Phi Island group is breathtakingly beautiful, [...]

Koh Haa (Five Islands)


Koh Haa (Five Islands) Koh Ha is a great spot to drop anchor for the night and also a beautiful spot for scuba diving. As you may already know, in Thai, Koh Haa means Five Islands, where from Koh Haa Yai is the largest one. It has a small, sandy beach and a shallow bay. Koh Haa is a great place for snorkeling [...]

Koh Rok


Koh Rok - A Paradise Island in Thailand This Tropical Paradise Island is Special Destination for your Sailing Adventure near Phuket Koh Rok, is a small island that lies to the south of Phuket, beyond Koh Lanta. Koh Rok is known to be the best place from Koh Lanta to go snorkeling. Koh Rok Nok (Nok means outside) and Koh Rok Nai (Nai [...]

Koh Liang & Koh Phetra


Koh Liang Islands Cast away from civilization! Enjoy the almost surreal tranquil isles of the Andaman Sea! Koh Liang consists of two twin islands Koh Liang Nuea and Koh Liang Tai closed to Trang and Satun provinces, located 20 kilometers offshore. Cast away from civilization, this almost surreal tranquil isles lay in the less frequented southern destinations of the Andaman Sea and [...]

Koh Chuku & Tarutao


Koh Chuku & Tarutao Koh Tarutao is the largest Island of Tarutao National Marine Park and is part of the Butang Archipelago Koh Tarutao is one of the most unspoiled Islands belonging to the Andaman Sea. This mountainous island (with its tallest peak around 713 meters) is covered in thick rainforest which plays home to huge array of living creatures such as [...]

Butang Archipelago – Koh Lipe


Butang Archipelago - Koh Lipe Koh Lipe - Gateway to an unspoiled paradise, ideal to start an unforgettable sailing vacation. The Butang Archipelago consists of 4 larger and many small islands, with Koh Lipe being the only one inhabited. Koh Lipe is the smallest island in the archipelago, and offers some nice, moderately priced places to stay. You will find a relaxed beach [...]

Krabi, Ao Nang & Railay Beach


Krabi - Ao Nang - Railay Beach Krabi is a clean, neat little province town, without the usual tourist focus of Phuket Krabi, to the east of Phuket on the mainland, is the capital of the Krabi province. Krabi is a clean, neat little town, without the usual tourist focus, which is characteristic of Phuket. The town has a small airport and [...]

Chicken Island – Krabi


Sailing to Chicken Island - Krabi Chicken Island is also known as Koh Kai, Koh Gai or Koh Hua Khwan as found on charts. Chicken Island is situated just south of Krabi and we often stop there during our sailing cruises on the way South from Phang Nga Bay to Phi Phi Islands. This special Island got it’s name from a rock that [...]

Koh Hong Krabi


Koh Hong - Island of Rooms A white sandy beach framed by a limestone rock formation and an underwater world teaming with exotic life! TKoh Hong is part of a secluded island group located about one hour north of Krabi. There is no accommodation, other than camping, available on the island. The Than Bok Khorani National Park Ranger Unit is located on the [...]

Koh Racha


Koh Racha - A Most Beautiful Destination The islands of Koh Raya have been an almost exclusive paradise for diving and sailing for years! Our next sailing destination is Koh Racha Yai  and Koh Racha Noi, two beautiful islands just off the south-east coast of Phuket island. Koh Racha, also known as Koh Raya offers crystal clear blue waters. The islands have been [...]

Similan Islands


Sail and Dive the Similan Islands National Park The 9 Similan Islands are located about 65 nautical miles or one night's sail from Phuket Please Note - The Similan Islands are closed Between 1st May to 31st October every year The islands are a paradise for scuba divers and are considered to be amongst the ten best dive destinations worldwide. During the last few [...]

Koh Tachai & Surin Islands


Koh Tachai & Surin Islands The Surin Islands lie around 75 nm N.W. of Phuket and are the most northern Thai islands before the border with Myanmar.Heading north of the Similan Islands we come to Koh Tachai – a remote Island surrounded by crystal clear waters and an 800m long white sandy beach.Please Note - The Surin Islands & Koh Tachai are closed Between 1st May to [...]

Mergui Archipelago


Mergui Archipelago Sailing - Myanmar (Burma) Discover the unspoiled paradise and join our Mergui Archipelago Sailing Tour. It's like a dream come true! Sailing north from Phuket. Along the Similan and Surin Islands of Thailand, you enter the Mergui Archipelago of Myanmar (Burma). Also known as Myeik Archipelago. The islands are made of a mix of granite and limestone formations and are commonly [...]

Andaman Islands


The Amazing Andaman Islands The Andaman Islands - One of the last unspoiled Paradise Sailing Destinations on Planet Earth The Andaman Islands are one of the last few remaining paradise destinations on planet Earth, where visitors experience Mother Natures’ pristine treasures in total solitude. This most exclusive, remote and spectacular destination is without parallel. We have spent weeks in the Andaman Islands, [...]

10 – 14 Days


The ultimate package showing you all there is to see in the Andaman Sea. Not only do you get to see the main tourist attractions, but also those hidden gems very few people ever get to see. Pristine coral reefs, hidden lagoons inside islands, caves, deserted beaches, places to hike or cycle – its all included in this package and a truly amazing experience to really feel what its like to live on a boat. If leaving no stone unturned in your exploration of the Andaman Sea is what you’re trying to achieve, then look no further.

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