Catamaran Phuket

Welcome to our list of beautiful and luxurious sailing Catamarans in Phuket, Thailand. These amazing yachts are some of the finest on the island and have been sailing the open seas for years. Each one has comfortable living arrangements and all the amenities you’ll need for the perfect Sailing holiday.
All our Catamarans in Phuket are fully crewed. This means the yachts come with a Captain, Engineer, and a Cook. With a professional and friendly crew onboard, you’ll be well looked after. If you wish to ‘learn the ropes’ our crew will be more than happy to teach you. Or, if you prefer you can sit back and relax while we take care of you and your family while on your catamaran in Phuket.
To get started, click on the catamarans below to get a better idea of each yachts layout. Once you have a preferred option, let us know which catamaran in Phuket you would like to charter for your sailing holiday.

Why Choose a Catamaran?

Unlike mono-hull boats, Catamarans have 2 hulls as you can see in the pictures below. This gives a much smoother ride. When the sea is flat these catamarans sail so smooth it looks like they are sliding on ice. This is why at Sailing Phuket; we only offer catamarans in Phuket.
For many people, the word ‘Yacht’ relates to a single-hulled boat (aka. Monohull). With this idea, there may be a preconception that all yachts sway a lot in the water. Although this is true to some extent – a charter catamaran is a lot more stable in the water as a result of its two hulls. There’s also a lot more space to take advantage of on a sailing catamaran.
While many ‘cruisers’ prefer to opt for the traditional monohulls, for a charter, there is no denying the advantages of a sailing catamaran.