Phuket Fishing Charters

Add a little extra excitement to your Phuket Sailing Charter!

Phuket fishing charters can be a very exciting form of entertainment. When a fish strikes one of our lures, it’s all hands-on deck! This always creates a bit of excitement while we are sailing from one beautiful spot to another. On board all our sailing yachts will be a selection of fishing rods; rods for trawling, rods for line fishing, and the occasional hand line. For each scenario, we have the equipment ready for you to use.

Sailing Phuket - Phuket-water-activities-Fishing Wahoo

Whether you’re an experienced fisherman or not, get involved. Our crew are on hand to assist and instruct where needed. There truly is no better meal than the meal you just caught yourselves.

With our experienced onboard chefs, what better way to enjoy that Tuna, King Mackerel or even some Squid you just caught than to have it expertly gutted, filleted and sliced into fresh sashimi with selection of sides: wasabi, pickled ginger, soy sauce. You’ve just done the ‘hard’ work. Now it’s time to sit back and enjoy that meal you can go home and tell everyone about. Oh, and course, you’ll be eating it on deck, in the middle of the ocean, wind in your hair and anticipating the next stunning destination! It’s a tough life……but someone has to do it!

Phuket Fishing Charters – Where our chefs will cook your catch of the day!

It’s also worth mentioning here that all our Captains are very experienced fishermen and know all the best spots to catch the perfect fish. But we’re also supporters of sustainable fishing practices. This is to say, we only fish where we know there to be an abundance of fish already. We don’t fish close to the reefs, and we don’t fish within National Parks. We only take what we need, so not to spoil it for future generations.

Adding Phuket fishing charters to your holiday is also a great way for the kids on a boat to get involved. Whether under the watchful eye of our crew, or you as the parents, it’s a massively valuable life lesson to experience – where does our food come from. And they love it! The smiles speak for themselves.

For those a little more into their fishing, there’s always the opportunity to do a bit of night fishing – the perfect time to catch some Squid. Depending on location, we can let you know when this is available.

Check out some of our wonderful photos below. These photos were taken from our previous Phuket fishing charters in and around Thailand. There is an amazing variety of different fish to be caught. So, if you are looking for an exciting day out on the open water to do a bit of fishing, then we recommend one of our Day Charters.