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Railey Beach Krabi Ao Nang

Krabi - Ao Nang - Railey Beach

Krabi is a clean, neat little province town, without the usual tourist focus of Phuket

Ao Nang Beach - KrabiKrabi, to the east of Phuket on the mainland, is the capital of the Krabi province. Krabi is a clean, neat little town, without the usual tourist focus, which is characteristic of Phuket. The town has a small airport and is a useful anchorage for cruising yachts and yacht charters who may need supplies.
Navigators who arrive in Krabi will normally anchor off Ao Nang beach, a beautiful beach, well worth a visit. Ao Nang offers all the facilities that one could wish for; hotels, restaurants and spas and these are, most of them being of good quality but rather pricey. The development is concentrated at the northern end so the rest of the beach which has no road retains its untouched, natural appeal. There is a direct road to Krabi and taxis are available at the spot.

South of Ao Nang, just along the coast, is Railey (also called Rai Leh) beach, which can only be accessed by boat. Isolated by towering limestone cliffs the bay has emerald clear waters and pure white sandy beaches. The beach is a rather busy place during the day. Climbers come here from all over the world to experience the challenge of these ascents. If you want to try your hand, equipment and support is available on the beach.
Others choose to chill on the perfect beaches and to enjoy the more relaxed beach nightlife on West Railey. There are romantic cocktail bars spiced with the occasional Reggae celebration. With no tarmac roads and no vehicles Railay Beach is truly the place to go to get the right holiday feeling.