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Sailing to Koh Petra

The Phi Phi of Trang, without the crowds, just an hour sailing away from Koh Liang

Sailing Thailand - Koh PetraKoh Petra, just an hour sailing away from Koh Liang Islands, is another spectacular anchorage on a sailing cruise down south, that should not be missed, if weather conditions permit to anchor over night. Koh Petra is best compared to Phi Phi Island, with the same spectacular limestone ridges and jungle-fringed cliffs, honeycombed with caves and overhangs. But the big difference to Phi Phi Island is; there are no hordes of tourist coming here day by day. You can have this spectacular Island all to your selves! It very seldom happens that you see another sailing yacht anchoring here.

As in Phi Phi islands, the scenery is just spectacular with many caves, small coves and hidden beaches ideal for kayaking and picnicking on the west coast. The east coast boasts two very nice beaches accessible at high tide. The steep walls on both sides of Koh Petra are home to thousands of sea swallows. Please contact us for inquiries.