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Koh Muk - Sailing in Thailand

Koh Muk – Perl of the South

Sailing in Thailand - Koh Muk IslandKoh Muk, often referred to as Koh Mook, is located south of Phuket, in the Andaman Sea, just off the coast of Trang. It is called the Pearl Island, and that is for good reason! Deserted white, powdery sand beaches on the west of the island are dominated by towering cliffs and delightful rocky outcrops. Inland, the island is mainly taken up with coconut and rubber plantations. The local community are Moslem and there main activity, as you would expect, is fishing.

The only hotel development on Koh Muk is located on the western side, on “Farang Beach”. This tropical paradise island in the south of Thailand offers endless opportunities for snorkeling and diving and the nearby karst islands, called Koh Cheuk and Ko Waen, offer some really great sites where you are likely to be alone and undisturbed. a place where you can fully enjoy your sailing vacation.

The secret treasure of the island Koh Muk though, is “Tham Morakot”, which means Emerald Cave. At the center of Tham Morakot you will find an inland lagoon (Hong), with a narrow chimney, giving onto blue skies. The very best time to visit this cave is around 5-6 pm when most tourist who came on day trip boats have left and when the sun is at an angle shining into the entrance of the tunnel lighting up the rocks in an emerald green color which gave the cave it’s name. It is a truly spectacular sight! You can access the lagoon through an 80 meter long tunnel, which is accessible by small craft at low tide, but at high tide, swimming through the tunnel, is the only way, and… it is also the best way to experience the cave!

The islands are particularly fun to be explored by kayak; this way you can discover all the beautiful bays, caves, and sandy tropical beaches, by yourself.