Kayaking in Phuket

Explore Secluded Islands in Peace & Tranquility

Once you have arrived on location, there’s no better way to get off the boat and explore your new destination. Whether the Island we have arrived at is surrounded by that picture-perfect white sandy beach, or tall limestone cliffs with plenty of overhangs and caves – you’ll want to jump ship and explore, with freedom and peace and quiet that comes with kayaking in Phuket.

As the paddle cuts it way through the water and the kayak glides forward, you’ll be left in utter silence. With only the sounds of the birds chirping, monkeys chatting and the fish jumping around the water. To be at one with nature is a time where our guests fully appreciate the beauty and tranquility on show.

Sailing Phuket - Phuket-water-activities - Family Kayaking
Sailing Phuket - Phuket-water-activities - Kayaking to pristine beaches

With each mooring or overnight anchorage your charter catamaran comes to, you will be near all the major points of interest. A kayak allows you to disembark the boat and circumnavigate the smaller Islands. Take full advantage and explore all the hidden crevices and Hongs (Thai word for ‘room’) hidden inside islands. For a long time now, our kayaks have been used regularly by both the adults and children on the boat to have a little fun as well as staying active.

Kayaks also prove to be the perfect platform for kids to enjoy some swimming around the catamaran. Tying the kayaks off at the back of the boat, provides a safety area where your children can jump in and out of the water as they please. This allows them something secure and buoyant to hold onto when they inevitably get out of breath from all the fun!

Go on an adventure and explore the many hidden lagoons to be found by kayaking in Phuket

Depending on the boat you choose for your Phuket yacht charter, we have a variety of single, double and three person kayaks for you to select from. If you’re looking to book a Phuket yacht charter, we strongly recommend having enough Kayaks for everyone to explore together. Kayaking in Phuket is an adventure’s paradise and well worth exploring.

Check out the following locations our yachts sail to. The views are amazing and every photo epic… Yet they don’t do it justice compared to being there and seeing it with your own two eyes.

Koh Haa Koh Rok Koh Muk Emerald Cave Phang Nga Bay Koh Hong Krabi Krabi, Ao Nang & Railay Beach 

Phang Nga bay, and the ever-famous Emerald Cave at Koh Muk have some spectacular 80m to 100m caves in which you can swim or kayak through. At the end of these tunnels are some stunning hidden bays. The ability to explore these sites, without the need of engines is what it’s all about.
Jump into a kayak and explore these mystical environments. Oh, and of course… do it all before anyone else arrives on site! Kayaking in Phuket couldn’t be any better than doing it from your own private yacht.

If kayaks aren’t for you – then check out our SUP Paddleboards.