For snorkeling, scuba diving and kayaking as well as deep sea fishing, this sailing trip has everything you could wish for. The Phi Phi Islands with wall dives and drift diving, Koh Ha’s cavern and reef dives, a trip to Hin Daeng and Hin Muang, Thailand deepest drop-offs, in the dive community known as Manta and Whale shark magnets, but also highly credited for critter spotting, of such small treasures like the Harlequin shrimp.

Koh Rok Nog / Nai where turtles are frequently found along the reef and feather stars – sitting decorations on colossal sponges. Koh Pueng with submerged surrealistic rock formations, which due to the currents provide a large variety of corals in all colors imaginable, many juvenile fishes and also amazingly colorful nudibranchs. Koh Ha, Koh Pueng, and countless other dive sites are waiting beneath the sea to be explored. Infinite diving possibilities spoil us for good. The 2 compressors abroad the SY Nakamal fill our tanks relentlessly with pure clean air.

About 3 dozen dive sites are located just around Koh Lipe, many of them top class, as 8 Mile rock, Stonehenge, Sail Rock, Hin Son, Koh Lantcha, Koh Bitsi, all around Koh Adang, Koh Lipe, Koh Rawi and even decent wreck diving at the Yong Hua wreck. Diving schools on Koh Lipe offer day trips and courses for scuba divers. The exposed position not only guarantees pelagic fish but also sees fast currents so half-moon is the optimal travel time. As spoiled beyond measure we will be in the future anyway, because exceptional underwater sightings are the rule here, and the Andaman Sea holds many surprises. At the islands offshore reefs spectacular night dives are the norm, and even night snorkeling is an amazing experience because Bioluminescent a type of plankton is often encountered. Colorful crabs, sleeping parrotfish, hunting barracudas and drowsy Fusseliers, colorful corals with tentacles exposed, and feather stars illuminated to shine as the stars of the show in the UW-torch light.

The reefs are in moderate depths and do not drop off suddenly. Large coral blocks offer sufficiently protection to the marine life, soft and hard corals are intact, an almost immeasurable variety of underwater fauna. On the beaches macaques play, a species of monkeys that can perfectly swim, and which is well regarded as being gourmets, due to they have a rather soft spot for fresh crabs, and even dive to hunt them down! A kayak tour followed by jungle walk, where there are orchids and wax flowers to admire, flowering trees under which a sunbathe on the shady beach is more than just exciting. Brahmini kites and other tropical birds characterize the acoustics. A BBQ with self caught squid, deliciously prepared, a glass of white wine to wash it down with , a scenario which turns even the most reluctant into a water sports lover.