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Island-Hopping Phuket – Langkawi Part 1

29. July 2015 by Dieter Dongphrajan No Comment

A yacht charter with the SY Nakamal is the best choice to explore magnificent archipelagos en route. Excellent Dive sites, fantastic Snorkel spots and fine powdery dream away beaches without any human footprints can be explored by the traveler, on a century old route which is used since ages by the legendary Chao-Lae the Urak Lawoi Seagipsies of southern Thailand. Leaving from Phuket’s most beautiful natural harbor in the Bay of Chalong the Catamaran SY Nakamal sails direction Koh Mai Ton, one of the little islets on the approximately 120 nautical mile trip we will cover till our final destination, Malaysia’s duty free shopping haven Langkawi.

The next stop is Phi Phi Don and Phi Phi Lae, with the rocky outcrops Bida Nog and Bida Nai, located at the southern tip of Phi Phi Lae. Going ashore or explore the Karsts, kayaking along the impressive sheer walls is an adventure not to miss.

The SY Nakamal sets sail, and we travel with a convenient 5 knots to Koh Haa. Koh Haa meaning 5 islands, is furthermore a magnificent stopover. Diving in caverns, interesting night dives or amazing sunsets dives will stay in your memory forever. SY Nakamal is mooring sheltered in the uninhabited group of islands. A tiny sandy beach invites sun lovers by low tide, snorkeling is worthwhile and Whaleshark spotting is quite common on the way to and at Hin Daeng and Hin Muang. Manta rays are frequent visitors too, due to the nutritious plankton available here.

Koh Rok Nai and Nog, one of the islands – Rog Nai does have a National Park Post which offers simple tents and a restaurant to travelers. We are sleeping safe and sound in the comfortable berths of SY Nakamal, looking forward to the next amazing snorkeling adventures. The channel between the islands and the reefs are abundant with colorful coral fishes. Perfect as a starter since with this sailing trip on the SY Nakamal we visit the Butang archipelago – one of the best snorkel and dive sites Thailand has to offer.

Excellent suitable for this trip is the “Green Season”. Not only that we can observe psychedelic cloud formations and we can sail with enough wind to our heart’s desire, also the islands blanketed with primary forest are now lush green and visitors are scarce. The only inhabited island of the Butang Archipelago (all others do have only N.P. posts – if at all) is Koh Lipe, there overnight accommodations and seafood in all price categories is offered, and furthermore trips to the surrounding islands. Here one can observe the sea-gypsies collecting edible shells, or fishing and all evenings before dawn a football game is up at the beach “Na Haad”. Happily these people of Malayan origin offer snorkeling, fishing and boat trips, which is a great opportunity not to miss. Centuries of expertise and respect for Chao Lae reflect their surnames, awarded by the mother of the reigning king. Varying on the location of settlement, the surnames are: Deep Sea, Dark Sea, Tiger of the Sea, Master of the Water, etc.

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