What about Food on the Boat?

Enjoy some delicious meals during your sailing vacation on our charter yacht. If you decide to go fishing and you catch the dinner yourself, our chef will be happy to prepare it for you! Our guests especially appreciate the freshly made Sashimi and slightly seared Tuna in a Sesame Crust. Together with a glass of chilled white wine and a million dollar view, eating can’t get any better!
Read for yourself what previous guests say about onboard chefs!

Catamaran Charter Phuket
Catamaran Charter Phuket

A commonly underestimated aspect of any sailing trip is the boat food. As keen food enthusiast ourselves, we know there’s no better way to enjoy your sailing experience than to have those special moments where everyone sits around the table engaging in conversation away from electronics while surrounded by one beautiful location to the next.

As a result, we ensure our produce is as fresh and healthy as possible. Wherever possible, we purchase fish/crabs/prawns etc from the local fisherman while at Sea, and that’s only if we haven’t managed to catch it ourselves while fishing! And if we do get a catch, what better than having some fresh sashimi while under sail in the middle of the Ocean.

On top of that, all our boats are extremely lucky to have some of the best, if not THE best chefs (a big claim we’re very happy to stand by!).
You will quickly come to realise that you will be spoiled rotten with the never-ending array of local and Western cuisine being placed in front to you, and you will count the hours between your next mouthwatering meal onboard.

Whether you have specific dietary requirements or not, fear not, our chefs will be able to cater to your every need. The hardest choice will be on what wine to have with your meal.