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Annual Haul Out & Maintenance – Part 1

17. January 2018 by Dieter Dongphrajan No Comment

As any boat owner will admit, the maintenance and upkeep of one’s boat is a never-ending process we all must go through.

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Island-Hopping Phuket – Langkawi Part 2

29. August 2015 by Dieter Dongphrajan 1 Comment

The Butang Archipelago, a group of about 50 islands and islets, is largely National Park and offers dozens of fairytale exploring tours, underwater and on land.

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Island-Hopping Phuket – Langkawi Part 1

29. July 2015 by Dieter Dongphrajan No Comment

A yacht charter with the SY Nakamal is the best choice to explore the Butang Archipelago. Excellent Dive sites, fantastic Snorkeling and fine powdery beaches are awaiting the few visitors that come here. Leaving from Phuket's most beautiful natural harbor in the Bay of Chalong, the Catamaran SY Nakamal sails direction Koh Mai Ton, one of the little islets on the approximately 120 nautical mile trip, we will cover until we reach our final destination, Malaysia's duty free shopping haven Langkawi.

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Island Hopping Phuket – Langkawi – Watersport

30. June 2015 by Dieter Dongphrajan No Comment

Be it snorkeling, scuba diving, kayaking or deep sea fishing, this sailing trip has everything you could wish for! A BBQ with self caught squid, deliciously prepared, a glass of white wine to wash it down with , a scenario which turns even the most reluctant into a water sports lover.

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Manta and Whale Shark at Hin Deng & Hin Muang

Hin Deng, just a rock that barely pierces the surface of the Andaman Sea and and right next to it Hin Muang. Every year in April and May we offer special dive cruises on our sailing catamaran Nakamal, to the south of Phuket. This year we have really been blessed especially during a sailing charter with a group of enthusiastic divers from Switzerland.


Sailing Yacht Charter Phuket – Orca Sighting

The Mergui Archipelago consists of more than 800 Islands, far more than Thailand has and the best about all these Islands is that only one, Macleod Island has a resort on it and only a few more are inhabited by Burmese fisherman or Moken Sea Gypsies. While sailing from Black Rock north heading for Tower Rock, Roberto suddenly shouted Orcas! All of us were right on deck and stared out at sea to where Roberto was pointing...